Make Sundays

Workshop for parent and child on Sunday.

There used to be Samson and Gert on Sunday mornings. Now there are Designing Sundays, the ideal weekend activity for discovering new things with your child.

During the Sunday Workshops, you and your child set to work under supervision.

You get to know the main techniques used in a Maaklab: from laser cutting to soldering, from 3D printing to electronics.

On six Sundays (3 in spring, 3 in autumn), you work together with your child on a cool piece of work that it can show off.

In a playful manner, you will master the most important skills.

Admit it, it is a totally different way of spending quality time with your child.



Practical: The Making Sundays start on Sunday 8 May.

Dates: 8/05, 15/05 and 22/05 + 9/10, 16/10 and 23/10

The sessions take place at the Budafabriek in Kortrijk, from 10am to 12pm.

The workshops are open to children from 10 years of age with their parents

Price is €72 per duo parent-child for the six sessions

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