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Kortrijk goes in search of 2,030 projects with DURF2030

Dare-takers wanted to tackle social challenges. Kortrijk is going to experiment with new projects that will draw the contours of the city and region of the future. The platform DURF2030 wants to stimulate as many people as possible to think up and carry out ideas. The aim is to realise no fewer than 2,030 projects in the coming 10 years. 2030 should be the peak; that is the year in which Kortrijk wants to be Cultural Capital of Europe. Everyone can participate: inhabitants, entrepreneurs, young people, organisations, schools and colleges, artists, connectors and change agents with a creative mindset.

In 2023 Kortrijk will submit its official candidacy to become Cultural Capital of Europe 2030. "This is a project for everyone; something we do together. That is why we think it is important to first create a basis of support among the inhabitants of Kortrijk and the broader region," explains Kortrijk's alderman for culture Axel Ronse. "That is exactly what we are aiming for with DURF2030. We are looking for very concrete projects that come from the bottom up. Because we want to let the residents experiment themselves. Anyone can come up with a proposal: organisations but also residents, young people, neighbourhood workers, amateur artists, professionals... Katrien Voet, Gangmaker Cultural Capital, explains: "Everything is possible. The only criterion is that you give something back to your street, neighbourhood or city with your project and that you use art and creativity to tackle a social challenge...". Currently, a whole range of organisations are already involved in DURF2030: Ajko, Designregio Kortrijk, Howest, Kunstencentrum BUDA, NEXT Festival, Quindo, Schouwburg Kortrijk, Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen, Vives, Vormingplus, Wijkteams Stad Kortrijk. "But the intention is that the platform continues to expand. Whoever is interested is very welcome.

First idea already implemented

Even before the official launch, Lieselotte Lapere knocked on the door of Stad Kortrijk. "I had an idea to get to know new people offline, because spontaneous encounters are increasingly rare," she explains. "I was referred to DURF2030. Together with the team I got to work and my project took shape." In the meantime, Lieselotte has started developing the toolkit "Zoeme?". Anyone looking for love, friendship or just a chat can indicate this with a button or a window poster. A very concrete project, in which Lieselotte uses her own creativity to stimulate the connection between people. Exactly the kind of concept that DURF2030 is looking for. DURF2030 will bundle all projects thematically. The first call is looking for ideas on loneliness, a challenge in times of corona. "But even if you have an idea that does not immediately fit in, you are welcome to share it with the DURF2030 team," Katrien clarifies. "Anyone with an idea or a concrete proposal can visit the site www.durf2030.eu, or pop into Café BK6 as soon as the weather allows. Broelkaai 6 is DURF2030's operating base. It is an open house where you can find out more about the current projects or where you can just come in for a coffee. www.durf2030.eu

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Who is DURF2030?
Various organisations and individuals from different sectors are joining forces. Do you want to join them? Contact us at hello@durf2030.eu

Vzw AjKo, Designregio Kortrijk, Howest, arts centre BUDA, NEXT, Quindo, Cultuurcentrum Kortrijk, Het Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen, Hogeschool VIVES, Vormingplus Midden- en Zuid-West-Vlaanderen. DURF2030 is in close contact with various teams from the city of Kortrijk including the neighbourhood teams, area workers, programme directors, etc.

Would you like more information?

Would you like an interview with the initiators? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
Contact Stad Kortrijk: Seel Seynhaeve Seel.Seynhaeve@kortrijk.be - +32 498 90 90 17
Contact DURF2030: Naima Delaere: naima.delaere@kortrijk.be - +32 474 96 04 35