W768q85 ISOLATION Summer Workshop 13

ISOLATION — summer workshop 2020

This summer Livable® Platform organises a 5-day workshop about concept, design and visualisation in Ghent

Together with designer Sep Verboom and photographer Aaron Lapeirre, you get to work on the perception of 'insulation'. Can you benefit from isolation? Can you create a dialogue between the environment and yourself?

You will reflect on contemporary social change and develop a concept using a hands-on approach. After a short introduction, you explore with rattan materials different ways to get from concept to creation.

Parallel to creation is the aspect of visualisation. How do you visualise this process? How do you visualise these interactions with the world around you?

These experiences are meant to support your creative process both towards conceptual thinking and towards portfolio. You will be guided through the process, you will think about the concept and how to bring out this concept in a visually coherent way.

The workshop is open to both students and recent graduates.

6 - 10 July
Kapow/ Ghent