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Innovation Academy 2024

Discover and lead tomorrow's innovation

Looking for an opportunity to move your organization forward in the midst of a rapidly changing world? Want to explore the fundamental building blocks of innovation and learn how to successfully integrate innovation into your business? Voka West Flanders' Innovation Academy offers a unique opportunity to develop essential innovation management skills and network with professionals. Discover how to embed innovation sustainably in your organization in just 4 months.

The Innovation Academy offers a unique opportunity to explore the fundamental building blocks of innovation and develop the skills needed to lead innovation within your organization. You will also have the opportunity to network with a community full of like-minded professionals.


  • Theme 1: Strategic Innovation (Sept. 20)
    • Explore the essential building blocks for successful innovation and discover various innovation strategies. Learn how societal trends affect an organization's strategy and how to align an innovation strategy with your organization's identity.
  • Theme 2: Future Thinking & Scenario Planning (September 27)
    • Delve into creating an innovation strategy that seamlessly aligns with business strategy and societal trends. Develop skills in trend watching and future thinking, and learn how to create scenarios to flexibly respond to future developments.
  • Theme 3: Project Management & Financial Planning for Innovation (Oct. 18)
    • Learn how to address critical uncertainties at the beginning of an innovation project and discover how to put together and manage a balanced portfolio of projects. Delve into financial management techniques and develop a business plan to evaluate the feasibility of innovation projects.
  • Theme 4: Innovation Culture, Leadership & Team Dynamics (Oct. 25)
    • Become familiar with the importance of a safe corporate culture for innovation and learn to effectively deal with failure and resistance to change. Develop skills in building and leading innovation teams, and discover effective brainstorming techniques.
  • Theme 5: Market & User-Centered Innovation (November 15 & 22)
    • Delve into the importance of market intelligence in creating value and learn how to develop value propositions that align with customer needs. Explore tools such as the Value Proposition Canvas and KANO to drive customer-centric innovation.
  • Theme 6: Intellectual Property, Knowledge Management & Open Innovation (Dec. 13)
    • Explore the value of intellectual property and learn how to build and manage an IP portfolio. Develop skills in knowledge management and discover the power of open innovation and co-creation to drive innovation.
  • Theme 7: Persuasion: Change Management & Storytelling (Dec. 20)
    • The importance of storytelling in innovation projects and learn how to build compelling presentations to engage stakeholders and management in your innovation projects.

For who?

This program is designed for:

  • innovation managers
  • R&D managers
  • engineers
  • project leaders
  • product developers

Other professionals who already have some experience with innovation processes within their organizations are also welcome. Participants are invited to share their experiences and delve further into the world of innovation.