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Group exhibition Draad opens in Kortrijk textile museum Texture

From January 27 through February 18, 2024, at Museum Texture, you can discover, admire and experience how multifaceted the world of textile art is. The group exhibition 'Draad' collects stories from thirty artists, in an intriguing mix of techniques, materials and interpretations. 'Draad' is a celebration of the creative freedom of textiles.

Every day we come into contact with textiles: think of the sheets we sleep in, the towels we use to dry ourselves or the clothes we wear on our skin. We have a long and personal history with textiles. It is one of the oldest materials known to mankind, it is one of the first forms of technology we ever developed.

From Jan. 27 to Feb. 18, 2024, the exhibition Draad reveals just that versatility of textiles. Thirty stories by as many artists(duos) gathered in one expo, each work weaves a narrative thread that invites you to wonder and dialogue. Thus, Draad forms a quest for identity and a visual representation of socio-critical issues.

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With work by:

Robberto & Milena Atzori, Els Bijnens, Ria Bosman, Sara Boumkwo, Lisa Decavel, Aurélie Defez, Sarah De Geyter, Nele Demeulemeester, Emma De Meulenaer, Charlie De Voet, Monique Dikboom, Sus Driessen & Anne Mie Boonen, Sam Druant, Duo Wonder, Anisa El Margai, Beppe Geerts, Ana-María Gómez, Carine Heyligen , Hannah Hoebeke, Ilse Lambrichts , Lize Maekelberg, Eleni Papadopoulou, Martha Samyn , Denys Shantar, Jose Marie Sta. Iglesia, Sebastian Van Canneyt, Laura Vandemaele, Petrus Vanlessen, Emma Van Roey, Lin Vermeulen

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Noordstraat 28, 8500 Kortrijk
January 27 to February 18, 2024
Tuesday to Sunday, each time from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The expo is free to visit during Museum Sunday on February 4