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Save the date! FTI by Hangar K

From 16 to 21 March, Kortrijk will host 'FTI by Hangar K', the first edition of the innovative city festival that aims to bring everyone together around technology and innovation. Starting point will be the Buda Island, LandMarck and Hangar K in Kortrijk. The first (inter)national names have been unloaded!

In March, Kortrijk will be one of the prominent venues for the Flanders Technology and Innovation (FTI) Festival, alongside other Flemish cities such as Leuven, Ghent, Hasselt, Antwerp and Brussels. This festival, which builds on Flanders Technology's heritage, will be organised over a 10-day period across Flanders. It is an initiative of the Flemish Government. In Kortrijk, the festival will have a unique interpretation under the name 'FTI by Hangar K', organised by Hangar K in collaboration with partners such as EdTech Station and Flanders Game Hub.

'FTI by Hangar K' will be a unique city festival for everyone. Children, students, entrepreneurs, adults but equally for techies. The organisers deliberately chose themes in which Kortrijk excels: gaming and educational/immersive technology.

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Kortrijk is the only non-provincial capital to be allowed to participate in FTI. This is no coincidence because we are deploying the assets we have built up over the past five years in our start-up incubator Hangar K: gaming, educational and entertainment technology. Our showpiece will be the Club of the Future where we will showcase the nightlife of the future at Landmarck. With top acts like Goose, Amber Broos and Max Cooper, it will be a crazy dance week in our city.

Vincent Van Quickenborne, mayor Kortrijk

Wowed by technology

The baseline 'Wowed by Technology' immediately hits the nail on the head. During the six-day event, attendees will be shown the latest developments, innovations and technologies that will shape our future. No woolly theories, but practical and stunning developments and innovations. The aim is therefore to encourage and sensitise visitors to think about tomorrow's life, learning and work. The festival is divided into five separate events.

FTI puts Kortrijk even more on the map as a West Flanders epicentre for innovative technology in edtech, gaming and entertainment. We expect 15,000 visitors from all over Flanders. Young and old will be able to discover what an innovative and dynamic city we are.

Ruth Vandenberghe, first alderwoman in charge of city marketing
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We are very proud to showcase the best of ourselves during these six days. The knowledge and technology around games and education is among the top in the world and FTI gives us the chance to showcase it all.

Vincent Vanderbeck, CEO Hangar K

The sub-events within FTI by Hangar K

Part event 'Club of the Future' offers a glimpse of tomorrow's nightlife. We push the boundaries of the traditional club experience by immersing visitors in a visual universe. Visual designs come to life in immersive video installations that bring every corner of the venue to life. Using advanced projection technology, the Club Of The Future creates a total experience unparalleled in our country. Dancing with your eyes open is the message at the Club Of The Future. Club of the Future takes place on an abandoned industrial site transformed into a futuristic club and concert venue. Here, visitors will experience technology-driven experiences like never before. Ludovic Beun and Arf&Yes, along with other top Flemish artists, bring an unprecedented visual experience to this "future-proof" project.

  • Ludovic Beun
    Ludovic Beun is known as the talented creative director behind the great live shows by Charlotte De Witte. Besides his experience in big music shows (a.o. for Oscar & The Wolf, Angèle, Bazart, ...) he has also made his mark on the creative world as creative director for various media & entertainment brands. His experience in leading creative projects for both the media and music industries has earned him a leading position in the industry.
  • Arf & Yes
    Arf & Yes, an international lighting and set design company, brings more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. They have realised impressive projects where visual concept merges with live performances, music, fashion and broadcasting. Their expertise includes concept, stage and lighting design for international music projects fashion shows and national & international TV formats.
  • Amber Broos
    Amber Broos is a young Belgian DJ with a true passion for music. With her own monthly show on Tomorrowland's official radio station One World Radio and as a resident for leading Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, she makes her audience forget that she is only 20 years old. Her style is unique: a combination of house, club and techno, masterfully mixed and tailored to the audience. With notable performances at major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Winter (Mainstage), Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Suikerrock, Lokerse Feesten and at Ibiza's most famous open-air club Ushuaïa, she has proven to be one of the emerging talents on the Belgian music scene, known for her energetic style and upbeat dance vibes on stage. Now fully focused on producing music and further developing her own sound, Amber will make her debut on Tomorrowland's record label in May 2023, Tomorrowland Music, with her release 'Amok'. With a first appearance on the Mainstage of Tomorrowland in July 2023, Amber is a rising star that cannot be ignored.
  • Goose
    GOOSE, a Kortrijk-based band founded over 20 years ago, continues to sound innovative with their new energetic and emotional album 'Endless' sounding innovative. This Belgian four-man band, known for their mix of electronic music and rock, has rediscovered themselves by returning to their roots and focusing on their mutual bond. 'Endless', their first album in five years, is a result of their shared passion and experimentation in their own Safari Studios in Kortrijk. Here they find the freedom to experiment and develop their unique sound. The band members, each with their own personalities and musical interests, stress the importance of their group dynamics. The collaboration with French producer Victor le Masne and recording at the famous Motorbass Studios in Paris took taken the album to the next level. Every track on 'Endless' is thoughtful and intense, from the rock guitars and clinical electronics to the club influences and emotional songwriting. GOOSE, now on an international tour, sees 'Endless' as a new beginning, an affirmation of their artistic freedom and interconnectedness.
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Part event 'UNWRAP Arena' is a focal point for gaming and e-sports in Flanders. It offers a permanent Game Expo where visitors can explore the Flemish gaming industry, with examples of successful games such as Baldurs Gate 3, You suck at parking, BAM, Shredders, and Breachers. These games show that the game industry can be a serious and viable career choice be. The event will also include an E-sports Showcase featuring emerging Flemish e-sports talents and a Retro Game Experience. Visitors can play competitive gaming in the esports arena, enjoy retro games, and try out classic arcade cabinets and pinball machines.

Part event 'FuturED' is an event that explores the boundaries of education by integrating technology and innovation. Broelkaai 6 will be transformed into the 'Education of the Future'. Partners such as KU Leuven Kulak and Hogeschool VIVES will show interactive experiences with educational technology, such as augmented reality in education, digital exercises, and hyflex spaces. This event offers a unique opportunity to see how educational institutions are integrating innovative technologies are integrating into their teaching programmes and what this can mean for the general public.

The 'Learning Bytes Festival' sub-event, focusing on the integration of digital technology in
education and training, showcases the results of imec's research and innovation programmes around Smart
Education and Educational Technology. The programme consists of keynotes and breakout sessions covering topics such as 'Ethics in AI' and 'Social robots' as well as topics such as 'Using AI in Matching Talent'. In addition, a dynamic expo will offer insights into the latest developments in educational technology in education and training. This year, Learning Bytes Festival welcomes some strong speakers to the stage. Monica Ares, former head of Immersive Learning at Meta and innovator at Amazon's Interactive Learning Labs, will share her insights on the role of immersive technology in education. In addition, Professor
Professor Steven Latré, head of AI research at imec, will inspire on a future where AI enhances rather than replaces education enhances rather than replaces it, a future we can collectively work towards and towards
work towards.

Part event 'FTR CONF' focuses on the future of work and the blurring boundaries between home and office. During this event, visionaries will share their perspectives on the future workplace, focusing on the impact of technologies such as gaming technology and the Apple Vision Pro. There will also look at the role of self-driving cars in work life and the changing vision of Gen Z on work. This event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into how the workplace will evolve in light of technological and societal changes. Among the highlights of FTR CONF are keynotes by two top speakers. Lowie Vermeersch, with a background in design and former leader at Pininfarina, will share his insights on 'the blurring lines between home and the office'. His experience with projects such as the electric Pininfarina Bluecar and the Alfa Romeo Duettottanta concept car highlight his expertise in innovative design and the future of workplaces.

In addition, Peter Hinssen, a recognised thought leader on radical innovation and
digital leadership, will speak at the conference. As founder of nexxworks and a lecturer at
renowned institutions such as London Business School and MIT, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge
and insights into how organisations can innovate and adapt to a digital age.

Practical information

Where: The festival will take place at the bustling Buda Island, LandMarck and Hangar K in Kortrijk, three dynamic venues full of inspiration and creativity.

When: From 16-21 March 2024

Why: Together we are making Flanders a prosperous region. FTI brings everyone together around technology and innovation, strengthens our mentality of experimentation and innovation, and tackles the challenges of the future with concrete projects in six crucial areas. This is how we strengthen our reputation as an ambitious, innovative region at the world's top.