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Epilogue C2L3PLAY

SAVE THE DATE - Innovation forum: Epilogue C2L3Play

Creativity and innovation at the heart of the economic and cultural development of the Hauts-de-France - Wallonia - Flanders interregion

On 7 and 8 October

At CLICK - Initialis Innovation Pole - Mons - Belgium

The European project C2L3Play - Cross Border Living Labs, specialised in creativity and innovative methodologies applied to the sector of cultural and creative industries (CCI), is coming to an end!

During 5 years, the 8 partners of the C2L3Play project developed multidisciplinary exchanges to develop high added value projects for the inter-region of Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders in the CCI sector. Innovative support has been provided to project leaders and prototypes or technological building blocks have been developed.

In order to let you discover these innovative methodologies and the projects developed, the C2L3Play project partners are organising a creative meeting with numerous actors from the economic, cultural and innovation world.

Epilogue C2L3Play

A meeting for companies and the general public, to develop your network in the regions of Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders and to discover the innovations of the CCI sector.

The aim of this event? To demonstrate that creativity and innovation are at the heart of the economic and cultural development of the Hauts-de-France / Wallonia / Flanders interregion.

Are you passionate about the world of culture, creativity or design?

Are you a company in the cultural and creative sector?


Master classes and conferences (artists and businesses, new thinking, applications for digital mediation, artificial intelligence and CCI, etc.), exhibition on innovative projects stimulated by the C2L3Play project, cross-border networking (Hauts-de-France, Wallonia, Flanders).

7 October is reserved for companies: business meetings, a company visit, workshops and creativity sprints (Design Thinking, rapid prototyping and its benefits for companies, intellectual property and blockchain, augmented ideation...)

You want:

discover the innovative methodologies for project support and the projects supported by C2L3Play?

to learn more about Design Thinking, rapid prototyping and their benefits for companies, intellectual property and blockchain, augmented ideation, artificial intelligence at the service of CCIs, artists at the service of companies, new cultural paradigms...

develop your business in the CCI sector and make your know-how known?

Expand your network and gain visibility with actors from Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders?

Come, discover and experience creativity and innovation at the service of businesses!

On the programme: business meetings, workshops, creativity sprints, company visits, conferences, exhibitions and networking.

8 October is open to everyone!

Are you passionate about culture, creation and design?

Are you interested in new innovation methodologies?

Do you have feeling for the sector of cultural and creative industries (CCI)?

Are you an entrepreneur, researcher, creative, student or committed citizen?

On the programme: master classes and a lecture by inspiring actors (artists, business leaders, on new thinking frameworks, digital tools, AI and CCI), exhibition of living lab projects supported by C2L3Play, cross-border networks (Hauts-de-France, Wallonia, Flanders)

07 > 08.10.2021

CLICK (UMONS Innovation Center III) - Initialis Innovation Pole

30 Boulevard Initialis in Mons - Belgium

On 8/10 it is possible to follow the event on site or digitally!


Free but mandatory registration (Limited places)

To participate, register via the platform, complete your profile and receive a confirmation of your registration.