Design competition: win your own design at Serax

Knack Weekend and Serax are organising a design competition: anyone with design ambitions may submit a design of a decorative object in steel, terracotta and/or concrete that fits into Serax's collection.

From all entries, Knack Weekend and Serax will choose one design. This design will be put into production by Serax. In addition, the winner will receive an interview in an edition of Knack Weekend.

Belgian design company Serax works with renowned designers and big names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Ottolenghi, Marni and Vincent Van Duysen to create furniture, tableware and deco objects for any space. But the company also gives opportunities to young designers. With this competition, Knack Weekend and Serax hope to discover a new name to add to the long list of designer collaborations.

The ground rules

  • Send a sketch or a 3D drawing of a home accessory (not a large piece of furniture or lamp) you have designed. Give a brief description of yourself and the design on no more than two pages.
  • Your design consists of metal, wood, glass, concrete or ceramic.
  • Send your submission to no later than 31 May 2024.
  • The copyright on each design submitted remains the property of the designer, whether it is selected or not.

The price

  • From the submissions, Knack Weekend and Serax will choose one design that will go into production.
  • Besides an interview, your design will be featured in Knack Weekend, on our website and our social media channels.
  • Before proceeding with the winner, a contract will be drawn up by Serax. This contract will define the commission on sales the designer will receive once Serax commercialises the design.
  • As designers are at the heart of Serax's work, the designer in question will be duly remunerated and his/her/their name will be clearly associated with the design.
  • Serax also undertakes not to make any changes to the selected design without prior written tour permission from the designer.
  • Serax will have exclusive rights to commercialise the winning design.
  • Serax will include you as a designer, giving you a platform, selling your design on and represented by their retail channels.
  • Non-winning designs will not be developed unless in consultation with the designer.