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BUDA::lab - Meet Volunteer Jonas Tiersen

Jonas Tiersen from Geluwe is fascinated with engineering and product development. He is 34 years old and father of two daughters. Find out what he enjoys most in the BUDA lab in the interview below.

How did you end up at BUDA lab?

In 2015, I came in contact with BUDA lab through Maarten Blomme & Max Vandenbussche. They were my work colleagues at the time and are volunteers at BUDA lab. I then became a volunteer myself in 2016.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?

An open workshop is a fantastic initiative. A place to work on projects, share ideas, meet creatives. This can only work if there are enough volunteers. I enjoy keeping the lab open while I can work on my own projects.

What is your contribution as a volunteer at BUDA lab?

I keep the lab open and also deal with the organization of the lab such as the materials warehouse.

What makes BUDA lab worthwhile, fun or special to you?

The variety in people and projects

How would you describe BUDA lab?

You can learn and be inspired there

What specialty(s) do you have as a maker?

Especially woodworking and laser cutting

What do you like to make yourself?

Gifts for my children and godson

What materials do you like to work with?

With wood and plastics

Thanks for the interview!

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