Creatie foto1 BUD Alab lid Mats Van der Elst

BUDA::lab - Meet Maker Mats Van der Elst

Mats Van der Elst is one of the BUDA::lab Makers. He is a Digital Design & Development student at Devine and hails from Hoeilaart. Eager to get creative, loves discovering new things, and fascinated by typography and calligraffiti. The mini-interview below tells you more about what he makes in BUDA::lab.

How did you first come in contact with the BUDA lab?

The college where I take classes pointed me to the existence of this makerspace. I find it quite cosy and the place is motivating because of the other members working there.

What are for you the advantages of BUDA lab?

It's very accessible, you can use machines that are not accessible or freely available anywhere else. And you get good help from the volunteers.

What is your favorite machine?

For now the laser cutter, but I'd also like to get to know and try out the other machines.

What are you making?

I am currently making a beer bike to scale in wood using the laser cutter for a school assignment

What would you like to make next?

I would like to carve calligraffiti in wood and work with Arduino to develop a controller.

Thanks for the interview and good luck!

Creatie foto1 BUD Alab lid Mats Van der Elst