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BUDA::lab - Dimitri Vermeylen

Dimitri is 49 and lives in Sint-Maria-Latem. You can always bother him for anything related to printing and photography. This mini-interview tells you more about what he does in BUDA lab.

How did you end up at BUDA lab?

I found Buda through the web, on a search for a maker lab.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?

I stuck with Buda thanks to the other volunteers. For the fun.

What is your contribution as a volunteer at Buda?

I help people when they come in and sometimes do small chores.

What makes Buda lab worthwhile, fun or special to you?

The volunteers and the atmosphere. I can't compare with any other lab because I haven't visited any others yet.

How would you describe BUDA lab?

A maker lab where you can have your way.

What specialty(s) do you have as a maker at Buda?

Printing and photography.

What do you like to make yourself?

I make letters, clichés and pieces of machinery.

What materials do you like to work with?

Wood, paper, paint and ink.

How do you like to see Buda lab evolve?

As a collaborative workplace, even more so. Bigger, younger...

Let's hope for that! Thanks for the interview.

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