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Book your workshop about Circularity in your company now

Designregio Kortrijk and UGent campus Kortrijk have developed a half-day workshop in which we look at how circular your company is and which quick wins can be achieved. You will be given a general explanation about circularity in all its forms, but will also work together on a concrete business case.

Do you feel your company is ready for circular thinking, but don't know how to start?

Have you already taken a number of sustainability steps, but do you have the impression that your vision can still be broadened?

Do you want to go beyond your production process?

Do you want to put circularity on the agenda by scoring a few quick wins?

Or maybe you need a scan of your company before taking the right steps towards a structured approach?

Designregio Kortrijk and UGent-campus Kortrijk organise a workshop tailored to your company.

They explain what circular entrepreneurship can mean for your company and how it affects all your business processes.

But together with your team, they will also go into a concrete case.

What opportunities are there for the taking and what issues require a longer-term approach?

You will work with these questions in this workshop.

When it came to circular business, we always thought about how to deal with residual flows.
This workshop broadened our view to other business processes...

Lode Espriet, Cras

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