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Design region Kortrijk has multidisciplinary collaborations in its DNA. In this, we motivate our target group of companies, public organisations and educational institutions. This has already resulted in numerous valuable projects in our region. Still, it is important to take a look at the neighbours to see how they approach the transformation to more growth. That is why, every year, we travel across the border with a group of entrepreneurs, architects, designers, policymakers, urban planners and education specialists. Until Kortrijk's recognition as a Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region, we visited cities such as Denmark, Nantes and Zurich. Destinations that may not be so obvious, but that are a big surprise for that very reason.

After our UNESCO recognition, it is our ambition to get to know our fellow design cities better. In the meantime, we have already travelled to Turin, Tallinn, Graz, Saint-Etienne and Lyon. In 2022, we are planning a trend tour to Kaunas, which will then be European Capital of Culture. Registration will be possible in the spring of 2022.

Trendtour st etienne 1

Lyon en Saint-Etienne

Trendtour lyon
Trendtour lyon 1
Trendtour lyon 3
Trendtour st etienne 2
Trendtour st etienne 3
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Trendtour graz 3
Trendtour graz 4
Trendtour graz 2


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Trendtour tallinn 4
Trendtour tallinn 3
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