Coup-de-foudre (Goedel Vermandere and Jan Arickx ) combines a fascination for art with craftsmanship. Our aim is to create inspiring light objects that reflect the beauty of natural imperfection. We use porcelain as a basic material, sometimes in combination with other materials (bark, metal, copper...). We work very traditionally, the years of research with the material, the possibilities and limitations we discovered over the years, the unique textures we applied form the basis for our collections to this day. Together with the customer and/or architect, we search for the right light, adapted to the space where it will end up, we provide an ideal practical solution with an original aesthetic feeling. Each light object is unique and made to measure.

COUPDEFOUDRE JUNI 2017118360 goedel vermandere
COUPDEFOUDRE JUNI 2017118384 goedel vermandere
COUP DU FOUDRE L R 44739 goedel vermandere