TL Collectief

TL is a collective, our work is based on the many different aspects of art. We focus on two types of work: organizing art events & producing visual arts.

Tijs Van Canneyt + Louise GevaertTL is a collective*, we work with and around the many possibilities of art. To keep it clear, we divide our work in two parts: the organisational work on the one hand & the visual work on the other hand. (See agenda) In addition, we make our own images, as graphic designers and also free work that we want to sell when the time is right.

*A collective - and thus TL - assumes that by working together more results can be achieved and thus an added value can arise. We are convinced that added value is created when images, people, organisations work together and bring them together. This should preferably be interpreted as broadly as possible. We are searching and hopefully we will meet you often on our quest.

Tl collectief