Pieterbostoen.com is a Ghent based design studio, founded in 2010 by creative director Pieter Bostoen. We believe that good design makes a cross-over between different design disciplines.

With a no-nonsense approach and clear visual images we provide companies, governments and non-profit organizations with interior, graphic and product design solutions. We go one step further than just presenting a conceptual idea. With a in-house workshop we distinguish ourselves from the traditional design studio.

We provide turn-key solutions and stay flexible by keeping production close. Prototypes, site-specific test cases or fully developed projects are all within our reach.

Pieterbostoen com tapijtgeest 00 Pieter Bostoen
Pieterbostoen com watt factory ghent 001 Pieter Bostoen
Pieter bostoen de spil 01 Pieter Bostoen
Pieter bostoen the playground II 01 Pieter Bostoen
Pieter bostoen antimaterie 01 Pieter Bostoen