Milan Degraeve, product & lifestyle photographer.

I call myself an old soul, because I like old things. They are more interesting to me, and I feel they have more depth. Maybe it is because I am also a product designer, and I can feel how much work went into making these products with the few resources they had back then.

I often like to think of them as if they were a person. How old they have become and what they have been through. My passion for vintage and antiques grew spontaneously over the years. It started with collecting old metal advertising boards and my interest in classic cars. Then I started collecting analogue cameras and small goods like pins and knives. All these things brought me to the place where I am now. Photographing products that reflect the Aviator, Pirate, Adventurer, Biker or Heritage lifestyle.

My post processing is an extension of the product itself. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to make the photos look as consistent as possible. They have to appeal to the customer, it's the first impression. It completes the storytelling.

Brands I have worked with are Royal Enfield, Apothecary87, Del Bosque, Riverwoods,...

P5161006 Milan Degraeve
THE OWL 01 Milan Degraeve
P5161070 Milan Degraeve
P4120609 Milan Degraeve
C187788 Milan Degraeve