Limen Visual creates unique, contemporary and interactive visual and light installations as art installations or for companies, product presentations, events etc..

By giving the viewer a truly unique experience we ensure that they will remember your product, company or event.

Currently my focus is on projection mapping, kinect interaction and combining photography with projection.

Limen Visual started about 4 years ago as a hobby project for me. At the age of nine, I started taking animation courses and at a later age some digital classes. My interest in computers, animation, video and everything digital was sparked and never stopped growing.

At the age of 15, in 2010, I started experimenting with projection mapping, a fairly new technique at the time. Over the years, I got to know numerous software programmes and expanded my knowledge of digital and audiovisual technologies and techniques.

At the age of 16, I changed schools to start an audiovisual art course at the 'municipal academy of fine arts' in Bruges, Belgium. There I met Emiel Vancraeynest, with whom I founded Limen Visual. Emiel also had an interest in audiovisual arts and together we staged VJ's at events.

After high school, Emiel and I both chose a different path and I decided to continue Limen Visual on my own. In 2013, I chose not to continue with my higher education (digital communication technologies) and became an entrepreneur. Since then I have been working as Limen Visual and have shifted my focus from VJ'ing to interactive visual installations for companies.

* Cultural Ambassador Roeselare

* Winner Young Innovation Award

* Nominated for Urban Crafts- 2015 , by trendwolves and Hello Bank

* Bill Award Nominee

Limen Visual