Lauren Dierickx & Sander Rutgers searches for a new balance between architecture and nature, between inside and outside, exterior and interior.

The design of the interior space happens together with the design of the exterior space. The garden stands outside the immediate field of architecture and enables new relationships.

Through the garden, a different language and a new use apply to the building. Inside becomes outside. Facades become garden walls. Air-conditioned becomes heated by the sun. Waterproof becomes waterproof. The roof becomes a canopy. The living room becomes a garden room.

Sun, rain, heat, cold: the building deals with the elements. And moves with the seasons. In summer, the building is as big as the space inside and outside together. In winter, the building is as compact and warm as the indoor to outdoor space.

This makes the building lively. And allows it to respond spatially to current issues in a natural way. Contemporary but timeless.

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