Cnockaert architecture

Founded in 2008, Cnockaert Architecture builds on an experience of over 30 years in the construction industry. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation in the world of social housing, both on a small and large scale. In addition, our portfolio is complemented by public buildings and urban planning projects.

Our team consists of a group of young and driven architects and architectural assistants. Mutual cooperation between staff members is of paramount importance to us. It is therefore the cornerstone of our corporate culture. In 2021, we will launch our new house style with accompanying logo that emphasises this teamwork. From now on, CKA+ is a synonym for Cnockaert Architecture. CKA+ stands for our years of experience, the teamwork within the office and our curiosity and ambition outside our field of architecture.

Cnockaert Architecture + urban planning
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We apply the same integral approach to every assignment. Starting with a critical look at the design brief and from an urban planning analysis, our design grows. No building without paying attention to its surroundings. Whether urban, rural or village. Every location is unique and requires an architecture that can fit in. The context determines the preconditions for further design choices and materialisation.

Building further on the programme of requirements and preconditions, a composition is created. The design. Consisting of a fusion of sustainability, materiality, form and experience. By being inventive with everyday building materials and experimenting with colour, we give each project its own identity. Lively, striking, yet understated.

With every realisation, we also aspire to add social and spatial value. For us, this goes beyond material choices and implantation. High-quality densification, collective spaces and new housing typologies are part of our lexicon. All indispensable topics that are part of a sustainable future and a high-quality living environment.