Urban wildlife

'Urban wildlife' in Kortrijk

Onze 3 Designers in Residence gaan binnen het ruimere thema van Urban Nature aan de slag met het concept 'stadsnatuur' en 'wildernis'. Welke betekenis heeft dit voor stedelingen? En hoe vinden we het 'wild' terug in de stad?

Our Manifesto

We believe in embracing a spontaneous approach to urban nature of wildlife, through an experimental design process which attempts to facilitate nature to exist, instead of creating it.

Hosted by Designregio Kortrijk and their partners, Laurence Flint, Eliette Rampon and Stanisław MacLeod are your friendly designers in residence from November 2021 to January 2022.

Designers 2021 group portrait 1

Our aim is to find out about Kortrijk, Belgium from a more-than-human perspective, learn about ways to nurture what lives there, as well as speculating about the possible futures and relevance of mid-sized cities.

By re-contextualising what the wild means to us, we begin to notice elements of nature in underrepresented urban spaces more, such as vacant land. Using this lens becomes a way to explore how the non-human relates to us, the built environment, as well as the ecologies around us.

Dirk website pollination

We believe that we can be, surprised by our urban wildlife, and by the everyday, and you can too! How can we embrace the opportunities that cities present when thinking about diversity, vitality, and mutual care?

Where does the future balance of power lie in the spaces we cohabit? What new opportunities are there for our collaborative survival?