UpArt creates for you a unique experience in every space thanks to vertical concepts.

We take care of the design, the execution and the finishing of a concept that shapes the vertical surfaces in and around your building.

No separate design, but an integrated concept that makes your walls, doors, cabinets, advertising pillars ... a coherent whole.

Imagine the unimaginable

Towering or close to the ground, but always vertical.

All vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, cupboards, advertising pillars, etc. together form a striking whole.

One that will definitely leave an impression, thanks to a remarkable design that always creates an added value for your space. Arty and exuberant or just clean, straightforward and architectural?

Your space in combination with our concept, design and execution will determine it.

UpArt realises vertical concepts that exceed your imagination. A hip shop, a smart business, an artistic restaurant, an unexpected sanitary space, a vintage hotel, an attractive shop window ...

Our vertical concepts give a boost to your mental health, provide your premises with the necessary appeal and attract the attention of (potential) customers.

No worries, we are just going to enhance the architecture of your building.

Having been active in the architectural world for years ourselves, we know all there is to know about design and materials.