Nel Bonte searches for the border between sculpture, architecture and scenography. Interpretation and reconstruction of an existing classification model form the basis. Hereby the meaning or function of the recognisable form language of an everyday object can be revised. A new meaning arises, both as regards content and form. This results in a series of sculptures that look a lot like scale models, in which interaction with the public is part of the research/oeuvre. The location where her work will take place is questioned time and again. The physical space' acquires a substantive meaning. Contradictions such as 'Coincidence' and 'Experiment' are juxtaposed. The location of the work becomes a necessary, symbolic fact. The choice to work in situ, to stage the whitecube of a gallery/museum, or to use photography as a medium of representation, is questioned here. This continues to give new meaning to the content, the formal skin of her oeuvre on the one hand, and to physical space on the other. Both interact with the viewer or with the public space. This symbolic process forms the basis of an oeuvre that is characterised by the experimental, which means that it is constantly re-examined throughout time and space.

Funky groove 72