Finding the ideal client with the right sales and marketing and achieving strong results? Of course. Growing through strategic exports? As an export expert, I am a sounding board for your export strategy. Leaving the competition behind you with Customer Experience and realising a strategic advantage? Build strong motivated teams? Gladly. A strong network of experts in all areas of communication and marketing? Always, 20 years of network pays off in order to offer you as a client 'custom-made' solutions and not uniformity. Book your inspiration call: Every company faces challenges where internal knowledge can be strengthened. Thanks to my skills and experience in people management, international sales and marketing, I give you as an entrepreneur the insights and tools to reach a higher level every time. Every top athlete has a coach, right? Enthusiastic and driven, I take you into the story of motivated teams and strong sales + convincing marketing. Achieving your objectives together is my goal. This is made possible by my hands-on mentality. Immediate action. Now. My years of experience, thorough expertise and endless creativity give your business the kickstart to grow. On the extra trump card is my passion for the customer experience. Does your company want to work on the customer experience? Then you have come to the right place with me for that too. Together with you and your team, I create a fantastic customer experience. Inventive, creative and innovative. In recent years, I have worked for pearls of SMEs. I like to use my skills to help other companies move forward as well. True customisation. I bring the following competences to the table: - excellent sales - efficient marketing approach - successful export through accurate fieldwork and 'know your customer' - achievable growth strategy - B2B and B2C - but always H2H ... - a 'strong' network, with real experts in their field - motivator of your team - inspirer of your customers - driving force in fundraising for non-profit organisations I would be happy to inspire you in a personal meeting. | +32 495 24 66 62 | Book your inspiration session now :