Olu Vandenbussche is a Belgian textile designer with Sri Lankan roots. During textile trips in Kirgistan and Hungary, she came into contact with craftivism, social development linked to the practice of traditional crafts with a focus on innovation and sustainability. With her company Manelprints, Olu promotes Slow Design, a sustainable design philosophy that puts people and the environment first. At the end of 2015 she received the Bizz Buzz Award for Social/Sustainable Entrepreneurship for this.

Olu brings her experience with both design and the business aspects of a fashion company to her courses 'digital textile design' which are unique within Flanders.

Olu coaches starting print designers through and organises co-creation trajectories for underprivileged groups with textile as the common thread. These give participants new means of expression, strengthen their self-confidence, promote their social integration and increase their chances on the labour market.