When you look at Hippie Hooray's work, you can hardly help but get a little warm inside. She is like a magician(s) of in a world of fantasy. She uses sweet colours and has an accessible drawing style. Through her work, you will be immersed in her unique and quirky take on the world.
Hippie Hooray mainly draws things that bring her joy. Besides illustration, she often works on textile projects, such as crochet, and other craft activities. She then makes videos about these so she can share the process and her experiences with others on Youtube. For her, creativity always comes first, and her creations are contagious and inspiring to people who view her work. Hippie Hooray always has the intention of both being able to show others an attractive picture and teach them something. Because she is often chaotic in her way of thinking, she is very eager to learn and wants to constantly improve her creative skills. So you can follow her adventures on the internet and get creative yourself. Welcome to the happy world of Hippie Hooray!