Dehullu Architecten

Office for high quality architecture

Dehullu Architecten CVBA, with Bert Dehullu as its managing director, was founded in its current form in 2008 and grew out of the office De Hullu & Partners founded by Philippe Dehullu in 1979.

Thanks to a solid and long-standing expertise, Dehullu Architects has managed to build up a broad portfolio of assignments and project experience, ranging from private residential to public and utility buildings. The clients are private individuals, private developers, professionals as well as public authorities. For most assignments, stability and special techniques are carried out by the firm itself. This also typifies our open design spirit and project approach, in which each assignment is always conceived or rethought from the ground up, often to arrive at inspiring realisations with a strong interweaving of environment, (infra-) structure and building. If applicable, for specialised studies (acoustics, heritage, environment construction, etc.) we work together with specialists in their field.

Dehullu Architects has won several awards and been published internationally.