Blackbirds designs new products and packaging.


Digitalisation, circular economy, climate change, robotisation... everything is evolving at a rapid pace.

And this creates enormous opportunities but also many challenges.

The abundance of supply often makes it difficult for consumers to make choices, margins are under pressure and the amount of waste is growing.

We design desirable products and packaging that make a mark for tomorrow,

that make choices easier, and that contribute to sustainable solutions!


- in business since 2005

- a Belgian office with local and international clients

- a close-knit team of very diverse designers

Actually, Blackbirds has been around for quite some time. Started in 2005 in the Antwerp Design Centre, the company has built up a solid design reputation with an international network of partners and cherished clients from Illinois to Tokyo.

To accomplish our mission, Blackbirds has designers on board with various expertise: strategic, industrial, packaging and branding. Together, they form an award-winning design team that constantly strives to give clients an edge in tomorrow's marketplace.

Blackbirds Vandemoortele Eric Dumortier
Blackbirds Roland Eric Dumortier
Blackbirds JDE Eric Dumortier
Blackbirds Gymna Eric Dumortier
Blackbirds ARLU 2 Eric Dumortier