Kortrijk Creates wants to make the image of the region Kortrijk as a region of design more visible, both for residents and visitors. 15 entrepreneurs and 3 designers making Kortrijk more a city of design and innovation.

Make Kortrijk a city filled with creation and innovative products.

A project for all residents, retailers, hospitaly, students, ontrepreneurs, designers, visitors,... who want to make Kortrijk a city of creation and innovation.

Natuurlijk zijn we een regio van makers en doeners, maar zie je dit ook voldoende in onze stad? Met “Kortrijk Creëert” willen we onze identiteit nog meer in de verf zetten in het stadsbeeld.

Of course we are a region of makers and doers, but do you see this enough in our city? With "Kortrijk Creates" we want to make that identity reel in the city landscape.

How do we do it?


In the first phase we brainstorm for ideas: how and where can we make it more visible that Kortrijk is a city of creation and innovation?


From the brainstorming, we then choose three ideas that will help to put Kortrijk truly on the map as a creative manufacturing city.

From December 2014 to February 2016, we are working on a concrete output for the three ideas, together with regional companies and designers.


From March 2016, the final results from the brainstorm and creation-exercizes will be visible in the city landscape.