Over the last few years, smartphones and other mobile devices have become increasingly important in our daily lives. They define your identity, show who or how you are, and the power of such a small device cannot be underestimated nowadays. They have almost become digital identity cards that fit in your pocket. They have become impactful and very personal objects. That impact comes from their incredible experiences and the way they fuel the virtual reality we live in today.

Bazookas is a creative mobile agency that knows how to unleash the full power of a mobile device to create amazing, personal experiences. With the vast experience we have built up in media and entertainment, we know how to capture the attention of our target audience and transform them into real fans, in both virtual and 'real' reality.

We are the largest Xamarin team in Belgium and we have the expertise to build enterprise apps and connect CRM, CMS or other backends to mobile apps.

Our mobile marketers are also constantly striving for the best result: they automate mobile marketing processes, but also convert the pure data of these processes into customer intelligence.

We are lean, mean and mobile.

We are Bazookas.