You are a person or a company with an idea or a project in the field of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) ? We can help you !

Who we are ?

The Cross Border Living Labs (INTERREG C2L3PLAY) project is composed of 15 partners which are active in many fields such as technological research, professional networking or promoting arts and culture. We are active in the 3 regions of Wallonia, Flanders and the North of France.

What we offer ?

  • The expertise of the partners are at your disposal : we work and think with you to find technical and artistic solutions for your idea/project.

  • Access to experts apart from the projects partners. If needed, we can hire external experts for short periods to ensure that we find solutions for your project.

  • Infrastructure of the partners are at your disposal : you want free access to technical equipment (motion capture, VR, FABLAB, …) and residency places for performing arts ? It is possible !

  • Visibility for your project through communication actions by the partners (press conference, mailings, events, …)

  • Acceleration of your project through « Flash Workout » during which you will work along with experts who will help you.

  • Prototyping your project into a product to make it possible for you to present it to your target audience or potential investors.

Interested ?

STEP 1 : Fill in the application form online (NL : ; FR :

STEP 2 : In the next days, you will hear if you are eligible or not and you will be asked for more details on your project.

STEP 3 : If eligible, you will meet us to discuss what we can do together and how we can help you with your project.

Eligibility requirements :

  • Your idea/project is related to CCI

    • Our featured topics :

      • Transmedia,

      • CCI for education,

      • Connected Ecology/Environment/Design,

      • Performing Arts,

      • Mobile Tourism,

      • E-commerce in CCI

  • Quality of the CV of the candidate

  • Opportunities to create transregional collaborations through your idea/project