Designregio Kortrijk is looking for highly motivated and recently graduated designer-makers or creative artists.
The Designers in Residence Kortrijk program is 3-month full time working residency (September to December 2016).
The three selected designers will be offered a unique opportunity to work together on

➢ tackling the subject of open source economy and automatic production: a collaborative economy that optimizes both production and distribution, while providing environmental reinforcement and social justice.

➢ implementing and developing community based production processes: open source machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs and sharing these designs

as exemplified by implementing and developing The Precious Plastic Project of Dave Hakkens as a research trajectory in the fascinating local community of Kortrijk.

Themes: #opensource #community #machines #makingprocess

In close collaboration with HOWEST design student and their staff.

The profile of the designers must correspond to the following criteria:

  1. recently graduated
  2. team player
  3. manual skills (conceptual, handy, production, fabrication)
  4. and an international outlook.

The Budafabriek and the Budalab Open Makerspace are the two inspirational locations in Kortrijk (Belgium) where the designers will create, work and live. At the same time, these locations are also the focal point for a fascinating community of creative individuals, companies, cultural organizations, creative teaching as well as end-users.

The aim is to connect with local maker industry, largely imbedded in the region and local producers in a contemporary way.

Furthermore, once selected, you can be part of the Summer School of Making from 22-31 August 2016 organised by the Industrial Design Center. Summer School of Making stands for 10 days of creative workshops, based on your personal interest and the technical skills you like to acquire.
This event is addressed to professionals, graduates, students and PhD-students from several creative-technical disciplines who want to professionalize their hands-on prototyping abilities and perfect their model making skills.

Additionally, during the Biennale Interieur from 14 to 23 October 2016 the Designers in Residence Kortrijk will be offered a unique opportunity to show their research and on-going progress to an international audience.

Are you one of the designers we are looking for?

Apply HERE before Thursday 30 June 2016

!!! READ the terms and conditions carefully