DesignX50 is a book with the best innovative products and cases from the region Kortrijk-Ieper-Roeselare-Tielt. DesignX50 shows the innovative and creative power from the regional companies on the basis of best practices. It therefore is the visiting card for this entrepreneurial region.

DesignX50 edition 5

From Paris to Montreal and from Switzerland to Denmark: design from West Flanders has long ceased to be a local phenomenon. It is home to world-class manufacturers, product developers, designers and stylists. DesignX50 tells the story of successful companies such as Barco and Verilin, and presents the fifty products and services from the region which, thanks to their innovative techniques, new ways of thinking and daring designs, have earned a DX50 DESIGN LABEL.

Designregio Kortrijk, the joint venture of Voka West Flanders, Kortrijk City Council, Leiedal, Howest and Biennale Interieur and the regional catalyst for good design, collaborated for this volume with Jessy Van Durme and Piet Goethals. They are the authors of ŒScandinavian Designers at Work¹ and have their own design studio with Studio Klaer.

By extension for the fifth edition the DesignX50 TAG was established and awarded to all selected products or services. This allows for an extra, additional recognition as a company.