Ondernemerscentrum Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk offer a free tour and workshop to secondary schools, universities and colleges at Week van het Ontwerpen.

Ondernemerscentrum Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk join forces this fall and offer 5th and 6th grades of secondary schools and higher education schools a free tour at the exposition WO16 – We are the next generation, and a workshop on entrepreneurship and creativity.

Inspire your class with the best innovative and socially relevant student projects from creative Flemish design schools: from product design and architecture to jewellery design and gaming. Then let them come into contact with entrepreneurship and creativity in an exciting workshop.

Duration: half a day
Data: October 14 (Fri), October 17-21 (Mon-Fri), morning or afternoon
Location: Museum Texture Kortrijk, Noordstraat 28, 8500 Kortrijk (workshop at walking distance)

Timing: one-hour tour of the expo with a storyteller, followed by a workshop of two hours. We offer two workshops of which you can select one:

1. Learning entrepreneurship, is it possible? Two young, creative entrepreneurs are very much convinced, and will guide a class through the different steps of entrepreneurship. The students get to work on a case of a regional company, discover what type of entrepreneur they are, and what it really takes to set up your own business. Experts inspire creative entrepreneurship!

2. Surprise with a creative and unique Business Project! Experts of Howest University College help students discover the scope of their creativity in an exclusive Innowiz creativity session. In four steps they can shape their ideas into a successful, innovative, creative product. Stand out with a smart design, a clever application, and an atypical concept… and make your Business Case a project that transcends all others!

Mail naar info@weekvanhetontwerpen.be met je voorkeursworkshop en -datum.