2020 marks the 60th anniversary of Intercommunale Leiedal, which we wish to celebrate by highlighting in a unique way the space and landscape we are active in. The aim is to allow both residents and visitors to discover the region through a new lens by means of a number of artistic interventions at the intersection between art, design, architecture and landscape. ‘Land art’ interventions tailored to the location(s). (Provisional) name of the project: Contrei live. From June to October 2020, this journey along a series of land art interventions will mobilise a broad audience. Contrei live is set to become an art trail of land art and artistic interventions. It highlights the region’s landscape in an extraordinary manner, using water as the guiding principle. The project seeks to amaze and create connections between locations, between generations, between art and landscape, between dream and action.

You can find the call for proposals via the web page www.leiedal.be/contreilive. The download link very specifically pertains to the realisation of the Contrei Live art trail, and outlines the evolution of the procedur