Discover the results of Kortrijk Creates under the (Noord)bridge!

16 companies, 2 universities and 3 design practices have taken on the challenge to co-create and shape the ‘Kortrijk Creates’ project. The monthly co-creation sessions started in January 2015. For 18 months there were brainstorms and discussions, and ideas were visualised and prototyped.

The project included 3 challenges and produced 3 answers:

1 | ​Create a wow-effect in town. A 3.5 meter high abstract totem, its shape suggestive of the letter K, is an eyecatcher in town. Thanks to cooperation between companies and designers the ‘K’ totem will regularly change appearance.

2 | Create a mobile unit for multifunctional use in town squares or/and wasteland areas. A set of 50 profiles will be available as a multifunctional building package, designed to transform an area into a playground, a football fied, a kiosk, … in no time. The profiles are quickly assembled, easy to maintain and 100% recyclable.

3 | Create an experience that reflects the DNA of Kortrijk and its inhabitants. What is your favourite spot in Kortrijk? For a couple of weeks, residents are able to decide for themselves what is worth discovering, visiting and experiencing in Kortrijk. The must-see and hotspot locations will be displayed on a city map at

The co-creators are proud to introduce their work to the public from October 14-23 at their own pop-up bar UNDER THE BRIDGE under the Noordbrug. Here you’ll be able to have a cozy cup of coffee in an inspiring co-creative atmosphere.