What exactly is DesignFloater.com?

From now on designers who want to execute their design works, look for new materials or optimize a production process can call on http://designfloater.com.
This online network platform will help emerging and established designers and product developers by introducing and connecting them directly to suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers.

At the same time DesignFloater.com invites the design industry to register as well since the online platform will be officially launched in October 2015.


As young design graduates Simon Vandeperre en Silke Nauwelaerts, two creative entrepreneurs, experienced how difficult it was to become initiated in the design business. “It’s not only a matter of having the appropriate degrees, being talented and having enough perseverance. Of course these requirements are key but do not guarantee access to the design industry!” That’s why Simon and Silke developed DesignFloater.com: the ‘missing link’ in the design industry connecting design talent with established suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers on a local, national and European level. And then the matching can start... and finally designs can be manufactured.
In the long run it’s the founders’ ambition with DesignFloater.com to connect the complete design value chain throughout Europe: from concept phase, over production process to promotion, distribution and sales.

DesignFloater.com opens the boarders in the European design industry

DesignFloater.com shall contribute to create and evolve new markets for design products. The inflow of design graduates, suppliers of innovative materials and manufacturing companies will enhance a continuous cross-pollination on DesignFloater.com. DesignFloater.com aims at becoming the promotional channel par excellence; not just for designers, but also for material suppliers and manufacturers that will be able to offer their services and materials directly.


Want to see how this all works? Visit - http://designfloater.com
Or contact Simon Vandeperre on simon@designfloater.com or +32 474 83 26 83. Gaston Crommenlaan 4 b. 501
B-9050 Ghent