As you know, every year Designregio Kortrijk invites recently graduated designers from various creative disciplines to the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. Every year a book is published with the realisation of the Designers in Residence Kortrijk. In addition to the books, a videoreport is also made every year to put the creative realisations in the spotlight and proudly show the results to the audience.

DIRK - 2016

Guillaume Morillon (FR) + Katharina Kraus (DE) + Catherine Oldershaw(USA) worked in 2016 on a unique participatory recycling process that engages the local community in the unmaking and making of objects. Watch the video report of their “experimental participatory recycling WORKSHOP”.


The Liquid State explores social and physical boundaries to bring new perspectives to our surroundings that generate participative experiences. A residency project designed by Maria Pita Guerreiro, Sahil Thappa and Déborah Janssens. The three designers created "The Liquid Book", in which they recorded their journey.


A multidisciplinary team of designers created a spatial system that breathes new life into an abandoned industrial building in Belgium. The designers Jasna Dimitrovska, Jaenam Lim and Kazumasa Takada designed a temporary space for citizens of the Kortrijk region in an abandoned industrial building that was once used as flax storage space.


The designers in Residence Kortrijk 2019 Oleksandra Gerasymchuk, Yun Pei Hsiung & Lucie Dubois stay During their residency they worked on the theme Future of Domesticity, more specifically on small houses and small houses. They developed an open source educational board game that challenges players to think about the future of housing through a creative building process.