Thursday 20.10.16, 6pm
Texture museum, Noordstraat 28, Kortrijk

Free, but registration at is required.

Meet people from inside and outside your social circle and get wowed by powerful stories.
This time at Buda Libre Club:

  • 7pm TOP TALK: Dave Hakkens (aka Mr Phonebloks) pitches his projects that tackle global issues (in English) @davehakkens
  • WO16 - WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION’s designers reveal the how and why of their projects.
  • The exceptionally talented young dancer Sabine Molenaar presents the shortfilm of her acclaimed solo That’s It, and tells us about what she’s working on now at the BUDA-studio's.
  • In the NEXT room (the ‘giant-bubble’ that Berlin raumlabor built as a mobile meeting point) you find out in no time which performance of impending art festival NEXT is the right one for you.
  • Storytellers guide you all throughout the night through the best student projects of Flemish design courses at WO16 – WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION.

@CLUB DESIGN (= design + clubbing) is the ideal location for afterwork-vibes, cocktails, music and coziness!

FOOD: Kaffee Damast
PLAATJES: DJ's Cosy Cozy, 2 out of 3 nitwits of the well-loved 'plastic & electric' band Kapotski