Are you a designer or an architect interested in social processes?

An Encyclopaedia for Kortrijk is a community art project developed by people of different ages, cultures and desires who aim to propose unexpected services for the social life of Kortrijk. Some of these services need to use temporary, multifunctional and/or itinerant architectural structures. It is a project by Simone Basani supported by Kunstencentrum BUDA.
In this moment Simone is planning a series of peer-to-peer workshops with a mixed group of newcomers, designers, architects and researchers to enable the concrete achievement of two proposals for the city of Kortrijk. The workshops will take place in May and June. So Simone is looking for designers and architects with a heart for Kortrijk who want to join one or more workshops.
In particular Simone would like to think and re-think with you about:
  • *A Summer Outdoor Mall: a location for a festival managed by newcomers coming from abroad. The main elements of the venue would be a huge round table to help socialising and a stage where everyone can perform or give public announcements. There should also be different stalls for selling food and clothes.
  • *An itinerant Information Point for the city and in particular for people just arrived here. We would imagine it in the shape of a truck which moves around the city, equipped with different interfaces (e.g. a public board to exchange useful info).
Would you like to imagine these spaces and to share your knowledge with Simone and co?
Join the project leading one or more of these workshops!
In case you are interested contact Simone for further details:
Alice Ciresola -