1UP – Game Design Conference & Expo

With a Conference for gaming professionals and a Game Expo for gamers of all ages, 1UP offers something for everyone to enjoy!

1UP Conference is tailored to industry professionals, students and people who want to take their interest in videogames to the next level. 1UP Conference hosts international speakers who share their insights and expertise with our audience. There are various workshops for all tastes and ample opportunity to network & grow your business.

After the Conference, 1UP Invites the entire Belgian game industry to the Belgian Game Awards. This award show has been created to celebrate the achievements of our country and congratulate the developers on a job well done.

1UP Expo is a gaming exhibition which welcomes gamers of all ages and skill-level. You can play the latest games, discover the wonders of Virtual Reality, compete in the esports arena, score yourself some awesome merch or walk among your videogame heroes in the cosplay village. If people are curious about how games are made, you can even talk to the developers themselves or give them feedback on their game. Who knows, your input may just make it into a game. What makes 1UP so special is the wholesome experience it provides: as soon as you walk through our doors, you'll be immersed in a videogame world full of wonders and the memories you create will last a lifetime!